Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

Hello everyone, I have decided to write also as english my blog posts. And here we go 🙂

Edinburgh has been used as the location for many movies such as  The Illusionist, Trainspotting, Harry Potter (Hogwarts Witchcraft School were in Scotland) and inspired for filmmakers . Besides it’s historical buildings, castles from middle ages, natural beauties and Scottish gentleman with plaid skirt and bagpipes in the streets will make you feels you are in a different culture.

I have listed that must be done for those who have little time in city where you can find a lot of things to do.

  1. Edinburgh Castle that able to visible from all over the city and its history dating back to the 12th century is one of city’s icons built on rocks (Castle Rock) and Old Town . Royal Mile that is one of the main streets  is also here. Castle is huge and includes Half Moon Battery, National War Museum and War Memorial and so it takes 2-3 hours to visit the castle. The view is also spectacular.
  2. You can see the Royal Palace, the Parliament Building, the National Gallery,  the statue of the faithful dog Greyfriars Bobby waiting in his owner’s  grave for 10 years on the way to the Royal Mile.
  3. Many whiskey tours are available for Whiskey Taste which is especially appreciated by enthusiasts. My whiskey tasting was ‘The Scotch Whiskey Experience’ which was located just under the Edinburgh castle. Actually, I don’t have a passion for alcohol and I couldn’t not finish drinking. But seeing how it is produced, its properties and the Scottish whiskey regions was a different experience. Do not forget to take your glasses as souvenir 🙂
  4. Watching a show with traditional Scottish music and dances can be a very enjoyable dinner.
  5. The city which has 50 museums is the most famous and large ‘National Museum of Scotland’ which is also a free museum like many museums.
  6. You can go wherever you want behind the bikes(for 3 people)  in the Old Town who work as taxis. We went to Princes Street which is the longest street after the Royal Mile and has many shops but for sure you can go on foot.

Lastly, remember to check the weather before you plan your Scotland. The weather was cold even though I had been gone in August.

*if I have a linguistic mistake, let me know.


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