Things to Do, Eat, See in Vienna

Vienna that i visited second time in the last months lasted only one day. So i have made the list of things to do. If you have limited time for Vienna, check out my list that is full up.


  1. Historical Places; Vienna has 3 Palaces to be seen; Schönbrunn, Belvedere and Hofburg Palace. You can reach all places except Schönbrunn Palace on foot or just using a public transport. Baroque church Karlskirche (St. Charles Church), Vienna State Opera, St. Stephen’s Cathedral in gothic style located right in the heart of Vienna. And it has an excellent city view from the tower but for that you need to more time.  Haas-House is located in the cross of Cathedral.  When you walk through this house in the corner, you step into the Graben Street.  Plague Column and St. Peter’s Church located on this street.The Museum of Art History and the National History Museum are located opposite each other, and the cultural center called Museumsquartier is located a little further. From the street of the National History Museum, there are the Austrian Parliament Building, the Austrian National Theater (Burgtheater), the Rathauspark across the theater building, the Vienna City Hall and the Votiv Church. And last place, colorful and tree-filled apartment Hundertwasserhaus.
  2. Food Places; You must absolutely have a meal at the Figlmüller restaurant, famous for its wiener schnitzel. Do not forget to make an appointment especially for those who have limited time,before at least 3 days. Even tough there are two branches, you can have to wait in long queues. Cafe Demel established on 1786 and Sacher Wien are best choices for apfelstrudel and sachertorte(chocolate cake). Hawelka, Central, Mozart Cafés are also quite nice places.
  3. Art activity; Vienna also has many museums and so you can make your choice according to your interests. But do not forget to allocate some time at the Albertina Museum where the paintings of famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Michelangelo are exhibited. 



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